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Rainbow Dough Kit

Rainbow Dough Kit

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Let your little one's imagination go wild while also developing their senses, fine motor skills, and focus. Pauli Dough is homemade with non-toxic food-grade ingredients. Our play dough is softer, more pliable, and lasts longer than typical play dough. While our play dough is taste-safe it's not for consumption. Our containers are easy to open and the perfect size to toss into your diaper bag for those on-the-go adventures. We offer both scented and unscented rainbow play dough kits. Our scented play dough remains taste-safe. The majority of our scented play dough is 100% natural except some play dough is scented with food-grade artificial scents.

Rainbow dough kit contains 6 5oz jars of dough and a rolling pin. The scented kit comes with raspberry, orange, lemon, lime, blueberry, and grape (scented are not able to be changed in this kit). Unscented will come with the same colors just no scented added.

Whether you're looking for an activity for your children while you enjoy a cup of hot coffee, party favors, or just a fun sensory activity play dough is loved by all ages. We can't wait to see what unique creations your children make!

Contains gluten and coconut oil.

Note: scent might fade over time. Play dough colors vary slightly due to making small batches and/or differences in digital screens.

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