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Play School (ABC) Ready-To-Go Sensory Kit

Play School (ABC) Ready-To-Go Sensory Kit

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Made and ready-to-go sensory bin! A Simple grab-and-go solution for all those moments in life when you need a moment. Don't own a sensory table, want to use it at a grandparent's house, or traveling? No worries, the provided container is designed to play in. Simply pour the provided materials into the container and let your little one explore. When they are done put the lid on and store away for another day. Sensory bins are designed to stack so collect them all for endless fun!

Play School Kit Includes:
Red, Yellow, and Blue Alphabet Pasta mixed with white rice
ALL 26 letters of the alphabet
2 peg people
pom poms (style may vary)
3 silicone containers (style may vary)
2 themed accessories (items may vary)
Wooden scooper
Wooden tongs
Fake Crayon (color may vary)


Bin with snapping lid (11.81 x 11.81 x 3.6 inches)


This play school sensory kit is not intended for children under 3 without direct supervision. All pieces and parts should be considered a choking hazard.

Rice is dyed with food coloring and vinegar.

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